The Flower of Faith

The Flower of Faith

A Spiritual Handbook by Moosa Qureshi

More than a century ago, the German philosopher Nietzche asserted that God is dead, and the Promised Messiah (as) affirmed that God is Alive. The Flower of Faith describes a spiritual methodology by which the reader may establish a relationship with the Living God. It includes:

  • an explanation of important concepts in Islamic spirituality
  • the three fundamental principles of Faith
  • the seven steps on the path to God;
  • a framework for subjugating the ego and worldly desires.

The author, Moosa Qureshi is a medical practitioner in London, UK. He is the author of numerous articles including The Immaculate Conception (Review of Religions) and Moses: Unmasked or Maligned? (Muslim Sunrise). This is his first book.


'Just to let you know that I have found [the first draft of the book] as very good. I pray that Allah Almighty enhances your knowledgein abundance.' - Hadrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V (at) - Head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

'It will certainly help the readers to understand the intricate and uphill process of re-uniting of human soul with Allah, the Creator.' - Maulana Mubasher Ahmad, Imam, Baetul Jaamay Mosque, Glen Ellyn, Illinois.