Islam: It's Meaning for Modern Man

Islam: It's Meaning for Modern Man
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By Chaudhry Zafrulla Khan

Here is the best available introduction to the history, beliefs, and practices of one of the world's most widely-held religions.

"Islam: It's Meaning for Modern Man" provides an "inside" view of a faith that
  • commands the devotion of nearly one-eighth of the world's population
  • moulds the way of life of countries in the vital crescent from Malaya to Morocco
  • competes strongly with Christian missions, especially in Africa
  • is of increasing importance in America, particularly among minority groups.
Zafrulla Khan's work is lively in language, describes fully Islamic religious practices, and presents in a moving fashion the basic beliefs of Muslim. Through this book modern man can gain a clear appreciation of the faith that has inspired millions to follow the Prophet's teachings for fourteen centuries. [ read online ]