Religious Knowledge Workbook

Religious Knowledge Workbook
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Compiled by: Lajna Imaillah, USA.

This workbook is a helpful learning tool for anyone who is either a beginner, or someone who needs to revise the basics of religous knowledge. It provides a good ratio of explanatory text and stories along with the activities that help understand the concepts. It is the first book of its kind that attempts to present the religious concepts in brief, simple and fun manner. Lajna Imaillah, USA plans to develop additional workbook(s) based on the syllabus for 11-13 and 14-15 years old children, Insha Allah. Although this workbook contains prayers and Ahadith from the syllabus of 7-10 years old children, it is recommended for people of all ages. The main features of this workbook are:
  • It focuses on explaining religious concepts in a simple manner.
  • It attempts to avoid verbose descriptions.
  • It adopts a small paragraphs approach with content headings to keep the reader focused.
  • It contains illustrations to help explain the materials being read.
  • The activities go beyond asking short answer questions. They stimulate thinking by asking for information that is sometimes found in the text and at other times can be derived from it.

    Combined syllabus for boys and girls and fashioned into an activity problem-based learning book. The child will learn about Islam, Ahmadiyyat, Prayers, The Holy Quran, Ahadith, Prophets of Allah and what does it mean to be an Ahmadi.