Books of The Promised Messiah - Urdu

Books of The Promised Messiah - Urdu
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In the beginning of the 14th century Hijri, Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, chosen and commanded by God Almighty, announced himself as the Mahdi and Messiah whose advent was foretold by the prophets of God before him including Moses (as), Jesus (as), and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

He described his purpose as to revive religion, to remove erroneous concepts and teachings that had found their way into the Muslim culture and to collect all peoples of the world under the flag of God. To discharge this responsibility, he established Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam and wrote more than eighty books and published several hundred proclamations (Ishtahar) in newspapres.

His books have been assembled into twenty-three volumes and are in print under the name of Roohani Khazain, while the published proclamations are compiled into three volumes named Majmooa Ishtaharat. Notes taken by his companions, of his speeches and conversations, have been compiled and published in ten volumes as Mulfoozat.

In order to facilitate research and investigation and to disseminate these important and valuable works, Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, USA is proud to present these in electronic format on computer DVD.

This is a computer data DVD, containing all the works of The Promised Messiah. All books are scanned as PDF files. The required free Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 is included and will install automatically if needed.

This is not a translation, but original work in Urdu and Arabic. It contains:
  1. Roohani Khazain
  2. Mulfoozat (Indexed)
  3. Majmooa Ishtaharat
  4. Maktoobat-i-Ahmadiyya
  5. Tafseer
  6. Durre Sameen Urdu
  7. Durre Sameen Persian
  8. Al-Qasaid-ul-Ahmadiyya
  9. Tadhkirah Urdu