Stories From Early Islam

Stories From Early Islam
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Author: Rashid Ahmad Chaudhry
Pages: 100

Mr. Rashid Ahmad took his Master's degree in Islamic studies and subsequently his L.L.B. and B.T. at the Punjab University, Pakistan. He is at present a teacher in one of the Comprehensive schools in London. In this book, he combines his knowledge of the subject with nineteen years of teaching experience to produce a collection of stories about famous Muslims, supplementing such stories with a brief introduction about Islam.

The stories make compelling reading matter for both young and old. They give an insight to the simple lives led by the early Muslims and show how such people sacrificed their lives, property and honour for the sake of their faith and thus became popularly known as martyrs or heroes. The reader has been saved the trouble of sifting facts from myths in order to present the truth in its barest form: these are true stories.

All true stories have a moral and the collection in this book are no exception. We learn how the companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, underwent various trials and how a firm belief in the powers of the Almighty helped them overcome the enemies.

Children will welcome this book and will want to raed it again and again. They love stories as they present a logical sequence of events, providing an accurate description of various characters and inspire them to model themselves along the footsteps of a famous hero. All parents are urged to encourage this experience in order to mould the character of the present generation who have a tremendous lot to learn from the past and upon whom we have high hopes for the future.

Indeed this is a most useful book to have in any library.

B. A. Rafiq Imam The London Mosque January 1975

5 Foreword
7 Preface
9 The Religion of Islam
11 The Holy Prophet
16 Islamic worship
23 The Word of God
28 The Prophet's personality and character
31 The Wisdom of the Holy Prophet
34 Slaves get their freedom
36 Umar accepts Islam
39 I will stand by you
41 The journey to Taaif
43 Fear not, God is with us
46 The Prophecy about the gold bangles
48 Two young eagles
51 The undecided battle
55 A strange contest
57 Two martyrs
60 Sword of Allah
63 The spirit of sacrifice
65 Who can save you now?
67 Feeding the guest in darkness
69 Equal justice
71 Non-discrimination
72 The poisoned meat
75 Feeding a large company
77 A loving recompense
79 Kindness towards parents
81 Letters to kings
84 Power of prayer
87 Umar in disguise
90 Preferring others to oneself
93 Victorious return to Makkah
98 Islam on the march

The book "Stories from early Islam" was first printed in 1975 under the title "Golden Deeds of Muslims". Since then we have had a large number of requests for this book from the UK and abroad.

The Children Book Committee, under the guidance and supervision of Hazrat Khalifat-ul-Masih IV had revised the text and added a few illustrations, which we hope will be welcomed by children, parents and teachers. We are especailly grateful to our Brother Late Dawood Summers, for his many helpful ideas and comments.

We also welcome suggestions from our readers.

The readers are urged to invoke blessings on the Holy Prophet Muhammad, whenever his name appears in this book. Say: "May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him".

The Children Book Committee.
23rd July 1989.